Monday, February 7, 2011

Wine-y Stew

Yesterday, I made stew, and I'm calling it Wine-y Stew, because I was half inspired by Beouf Bourginon (or however the hell it is spelled) recipes that I was looking at online, because I was inspired by the movie "Julie & Julia"

So I marinated the beef overnight with about 1/2 a bottle of dry red wine and some spices (mostly Italian seasoning, because we had a lot of it). I also cut the stewing beef I had bought into smaller pieces so that I could actually eat it! (stupid wisdom teeth surgery)
In the morning, I started browning the meet. Which didn't really go as well as I planned. Mostly, it just got rid of all the liquid that the beef had soaked up. But I went with it, got the beef cooked, and poured all the liquid that came out into my giant pot (soon to be full of stew).

While the meat was "browning" I chopped up all my veggies... Carrots, Parsnips, Potatoes and half an onion. Those are all the veggies currently residing in my fridge, so they are what I used.... I kinda wanted something green in there, but I'll remember that for next time.
Then, everything into the pot, with a bunch of water and some more wine, and turned the stove on a medium/low temperature so my stew could stew
And stew it did... For about 6 hours, until we couldn't hold off eating it anymore... and even then, I left it on the stove at Low until about 4pm. It was delish!!! Especially with the biscuits I made the night before.
This is the only semi-decent shot I got of the stew in a bowl... We were busy playing GTA4 at the time, and I ALMOST forgot to even take a final photo of it.
Overall, it was a huge success! Except I wish we had more. Today would have been a perfect stew day... -30 Windchill for most of the day today... the roads were kind of treacherous, and getting to and from work was a little harrowing

Also, you are in for a treat, I am currently making Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread, and I'm going to blog about it right away, or else I will forget to do that at all.... ALMOST forgot to do the stew one!

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