Tuesday, January 11, 2011

About Me

So I was reading Joy the Baker's About Me page, and realized that I, myself like to know about whoever the blogger is... Little random stalker facts. And I don't have an "About Me" page yet, so I'm posting it now.

25 Random Facts About Me

1. I live with my Boyfriend just outside of Calgary, Alberta
(This is my pony... the first Love of my Life)
2. I love horses... And not "like" them... I L.O.V.E. them... Which is convenient since I work with them everyday.

3. My favourite thing to cook is Shepard's Pie... which in all honesty is Cottage Pie... I've only had lamb/sheep twice in my life... and both times when I was living in England.

4. I like watching the Dog Whisperer. Cesar is the man! And his whole theory can be put into context with other animals too... "Talk" to dogs like a dog, "talk" to horses like a horse... Energy and Body Language. Simple ya?

5. My favourite show is Greys Anatomy... and "my person" lives far far away now, so we watch the show and end up missing each other.... You can check out her blog, and pester her to write more often if you want

6. I started this blog so that I could do the Daring Baker Challenges. I was introduced to them by my old pen-pal (like snail mail pen pals). Her blog is here, and she was my inspiration for starting this.

7. I continually find myself inspired by the other bloggers out there. I like finding new recipes from Blogs... usually I have found them through the food porn sites like tastespotting, or foodgawker... You just click on a picture and then read all about it... Written by normal people who don't use big fancy words like they are writing a novel... I love it. And I find it more inspirational than any cook book.

8. I can't tell you what my favourite thing to bake is, because I don't know. I like trying a bunch of different and new things. I have yet to find a regular Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I love... I make some pretty incredible Triple Chocolate Cookies.

9. I like making food that has stood the test of time. Old fashioned recipes like stew, or ratatouille... Things that my ancestors might have made too. Because food like that, that stands the test of time, just seems to taste better to me.

10. I wouldn't turn down Kraft Dinner though. I love it. It is quick and easy, and a childhood memory. It has to be actual Kraft Dinner... And Canadian Kraft Dinner... the American stuff is not good.... When I was living in Florida, I had to get my mom to ship me some real KD.

11. I have lived in 3 different Countries (Canada, US, and UK), and 3 different provinces in Canada (Alberta, B.C. and Quebec)

12. I don't speak French... In fact, I probably speak more German, Italian, Icelandic, Latin than French... But I don't speak much of those languages either.

13. I am working on a Cooking/Baking Bucket List too

14. I'm an amateur Genealogist. I love researching my family History. I want to write a book about the whole thing, and I am slowly (VERY slowly) chipping away at this goal.

15. I am Canadian - 3rd generation... All my grandparents were born here. And the Majority of my great grandparents were immigrants.

16. My heritage is: Germans from Russia, Italian Swiss, Scottish, Irish, English (UK countries-all came to "Canada" prior to 1867), Icelandic, Norwegian.... I am a Heinz 57

17. Favourite snack from the Convenience Store = Teriyaki Beef Jerky and a Banana Colada FUZE drink (or a blue Monster)

18. In 2005 my grandma was diagnosed with Brest Cancer, (she went through Chemo and had a boob removed and is cancer free today)... When we found out, I cut my long hair to above shoulder length and donated it to Locks of Love. I'm growing my hair out to donate again this summer. My other grandma has Lung Cancer, so this donation will be for her.

19. I love the smell of clean laundry, but i hate putting clothes away after they are clean. I often forget and end up wearing wrinkled clothes from the dryer

20. I had my Wisdom teeth out on January 20th, 2011. They were all severely impacted. My surgery lasted an hour longer than they originally thought. It is currently 6 weeks later, and I still can't open my jaw all the way.

21. When I was 6, I was flying a kite, running as fast as I could, and looking back to see if the kite was flying yet, and then SMACK! I ran head first into a big tree and got knocked out. Kind of funny... and one of my favourite stories

22. I am 25 years old right now.

23. I am a stubborn, obstinate, determined, grounded Taurus

24. I sleep on the left side of the bed

25. We can't get anymore pets, because there is no more room on the bed... With the 2 of us, 1 little dog, and 1 puppy who is going to get big... There is no room for anyone else.

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  1. Awww I LOVE it!! I am totally stalking your blog tonight in case you didn't notice. You're doing a great job. :) Thanks for sharing the random "stalker" facts!!


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