Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daring Baker October 2011 - POVITICA

Holy crap, It's the end of October already... How did that happen?? This year seems like it has gone by really fast... This is already my 10th challenge in the group... Wow, I'm giving myself a pat on the back... (Now if only I could be a much more diligent blogger...)

This month, our host was Jenni of The Gingered Whisk. She introduced us to Povitica (pronounced like Po-va-teet-sa) Which I am very happy to have learned. I have never heard about it before, But I think I will be making this again at Christmas... Jenni gave us recipes for 4, 2, or 1 loaf/loaves and I chose to just make the 1 loaf... although I do want to try this with cheese, to make a Cheese-Swirl bread.
I didn't take step by step pictures this time.. All i ended up with were 3 kind of OK photos...

If you type "Povitica" into Wikipedia, "nut roll" comes up, but it gives you some history on the bread-style. 

I'm going to send you over to the Daring Kitchen website to the link on the Povitica Challenge, rather than copy Jenni's recipe word for word... I didn't change a thing on this challenge, and didn't have time to play around with different fillings like I wanted to, But I am really really happy to have learned this bread. Thanks Jenni... And to all my fellow Daring Bakers for their advice, and inspirational posts of their challenges in the forums. I REALLY love this group!


Blog-checking lines: The Daring Baker’s October 2011 challenge was Povitica, hosted by Jenni of The Gingered Whisk. Povitica is a traditional Eastern European Dessert Bread that is as lovely to look at as it is to eat!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Butternut Squash Soup

Okay, I didn't use a "recipe" for this soup. So You'll just have to go from your gut on amounts of stuff.

But the Boyfriend told me that this is the best soup he has ever tasted, and since it is one of the best soups I have ever tasted, I don't think he was just being nice...

You are going to need butternut squash... how much depends on how much soup you want to end up with. I used one pretty large sized squash. Peel and cube the squash, and spread out on a lightly oiled baking sheet. Roast the squash at about 350 F until soft.
While the squash is roasting, peel potatoes (i used 4-5 potatoes) and cut into even cubes, peel carrots and cut into even pieces (about 5-6 carrots)
In a large pan, heat some oil (2-3 Tablespoons), saute some onion (I used one med.large onion), until translucent. You can also add in some garlic if you choose. Add in the carrot and potato and cook until soft
Add in some Chicken broth and continue to cook the vegetables. Once the Squash is soft, add into the pan and cook with the potato/carrot/onions. Add more broth as needed.

When everything is soft, and seasoned to taste, let everything cool down. Blend in small batches and put into a large saucepan. Make sure there is enough liquid in the blender so all the veggies get blended. Once everything is blended and in the saucepan, add in some cream or more chicken broth, and you can season to taste. I like cream. Heat to whatever temperature you like, and serve.  The cream and/or broth you add is to taste, depending on how liquid-y you want your soup.

This soup will most likely be seen a lot in our kitchen now. We loved it!

Also, you can carve Butternut Squash for Halloween too... You just need a melon baller to get the squash meat(?) out... and carve carefully.  They do turn into old wrinkly men pretty fast, so don't do this too soon before Halloween... or do... They look pretty cool all wrinkly.


So it seems like it has only been a few days since I wrote that last post, and It has been over 2 weeks....
It is now official, I am a horrible blogger... I am working on my Daring Baker Challenge right now, so I promise to have a food-post on the 27th...

Just a taste of what I have been up to instead of blogging:

We went on a road trip to Drumheller to go to the Dinosaur musem (Royal Tyrell Museum) there.

I've been working like crazy... so has the boyfriend

I got this fortune in a fortune Cookie:

I even had a barn flodding incident... oopsie

But I promise I will be back to blogging more regularly soon... Take Care!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sorry (again)

I have been MIA... AGAIN... sorry

I have been in the kitchen though... More in the Kitchen than on the computer, which is why there is a lack of posting. I HAVE pictures and I HAVE made things with recipes to post, but finding the time to actually pots them... AND keep up with the other blog I started (which I have been MIA from also), AND working major hours, keeping the dogs and my boyfriend fed, and trying to keep up with housework (also failing at that too)
OMG. How do people do all this? I envy you if you can keep up with everything.

I will try and post later today, I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner as we speak, so I need to go check on my Pumpkin pies, and start getting the turkey in the oven...


I pinky swear i will be back a little later

PS... I got a new car!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO STOKED (so I've been driving alot also)