Friday, December 14, 2012

uh oh...

I'm sure you can navigate your way towards Christmas without me... Please forgive the lack of posts... I am DREADFULLY sick at the moment. It is all I can do to drag my butt out of bed to drink more orange juice... I have no voice, and am averaging about 5000% of my recommended daily vitamin C every day... I can barely manage to get actual real life Christmas stuff done, let alone find some time to write and post pictures about it here... So I'm sorry... But MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

14 days til Christmas!!!

2 weeks left!!! How are your Christmas preparations going?

We don't even have a tree up yet! Just my re-vamped wreath... I put battery opperated lights on it and a little blue-jay bird I found at Michaels, and it is adorable.

My main reason for not having a tree up yet is because of our new additions:

Kitten sleeping on Ava's tail

doesn't she look like a tiny little bear with a cat-head?

Meet my new kittens! One has a tail, and one doesn't. (Their mom is a Manx... and who knows who their dad(s) is/are... )
My parents live at the end of a very quiet no-exit road... and kittens get dumped there all the time... The lucky ones end up finding the house and get fed during the winter, and the not-so lucky ones probably end up as Coyote food... These two are the super-Lucky ones because I cat-napped them (the only two I could pick up) and now they get to live inside with fresh food and water all time....  And Just quickly-before I go on... We (my parents and myself) have chosen to take care of the semi-feral and feral cats rather than just dump them into the already flooded animal rescue organization in our small town... So If you live in central alberta or around Calgary, and would like to rescue one of our cats... send me a message on here... Because these kittens are adorable and deserve loving homes, not to be thrown out like garbage.

So... one kitten has a tail, and one doesn't. (Their mom is a Manx... but obviously a regualar-tailed cat has umm.. "serviced" her too.)
The kittens love the dogs, and the dogs love them. And it only took about a day for them to all settle in together, which was a nice surprise, I expected it to be about a week (since they are semi-feral afterall).
We finally named them (after calling them Tail and No-tail for about a week). So now... The one with a tail is "Hali" and the one without is "Ekki"... (we typed "no" and "tail" into google translate and tried different languages until these came up in Icelandic... So Ekki means "no" in Icelandic and "Hali" means "tail"  which I find very humours)

Back to regular Christmas posts tomorrow... I just needed to share the cuteness!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

15 days til Christmas... Carrot Cookies

These Cookies are like delicious little bites of Carrot Cake... Everytime I make them they are a huge hit, and the best part is that they are so easy!

1/2 cup Butter
1 Cup Brown Sugar (lightly packed)
1 egg
1 1/2 cups grated carrot
2 cups flour
1 tsp. Baking Powder
1/2 tsp. Baking Soda
1/4 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Cinnamon

Cream Butter and Sugar
Beat in Egg
Stir in carrot
In a separate bowl, whisk the remaining dry ingredients together and then add to the wet ingredients.
Mix well
Drop by spoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets
Bake at 350F for about 10-12 minutes
(Makes about 3 dozen cookies)
For the glaze, just stir together some icing sugar with either milk or water... add some lemon juice or orange juice or cinnamon or whatever your heart desires and tastes good to you (before you drizzle on the cookies... taste it)... You want it thick enough to stay where you put it, and liquid enough to flow freely, either through a piping bag with a small round tip, or a ziploc bag with a small hole cut ino the corner (but cut the hole after you fill it)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

16 Days Until Christmas - Vinatarta! (re-post)

ORIGINALLY POSTED NOVEMBER 26, 2011! (Re-posting for Christmas 2012, Because I don't want to re-write the whole thing, since I already did it last year... AND because it is the most popular post on my blog! So Here it is: minimally edited from last year when I wrote it:)

You might be thinking: "Vina-whata?"

I don't really know what you are thinking, because this is the kind of thing that you either like, or don't... Unless you are like me, and at 6 years old, thought it was the most disgusting thing disguising itself as a Christmas cookie, Then waited until you got older to try it again and loved it... I have come to the personal conclusion that Vinatarta is not a kid's ideal Christmas food. It has prunes in it... According to my 6 year old brain... prunes make you poop... Who wants a Christmas cake that makes you poop, I mean really... well, unless you can't, and you really need to, then maybe you want to just eat prunes

Ok, so far, this post is not going so well, I am talking about poop and Christmas cake together... way to sell it....

Vinatarta is an Icelandic Canadian thing...  Back in the late 1800's when a vast majority of Icelanders came to Canada, This was their dessert (Obviously, they had other ones, but this one is distinctly Icelandic... well, Icelandic-Canadian if we want to get specific). My great grandparents, were in this group, and my grandpa, and then my mom, grew up with this. It is a tradition of sorts to make Vinatarta at Christmas.

Because I haven't really liked it until now, my mom never really made it, and my great grandma's recipe was lost to us. So I had to scour the internet, and I came across a few recipes that were all very very similar. I printed off a few and then last weekend, when I went home to visit, we made Vinatarta from our own recipe adapted from the few I found on line.
Want to know what makes our Vinatarta the best? Rum... Because rum is good, but you could be boring and easily just use water too.

There was a recipe on Swerve Calgary... But the one we used was closer to the one that is posted in the comments section of that same article.  Only with rum.... and probably a little more cardamom because my Mom likes it.

To make the cookie/cake layers:

1 cup butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 large eggs
1 tsp. baking powder
4 cups of flour
3 TBSP heavy cream
1 tsp Almond Extract
1 1/2 tsp. Cardamom

Cream butter. Add sugar, and beat well. Add eggs, one at a time. Beat Well. Add Almond Extract here also.
Sift the dry ingredients together. Add to the wet, alternating with the Heavy Cream (starting and ending with the dry). Knead well. Divide the dough into 5 or 6 even balls (depending on how many layers you want... we do 6). Spread each ball onto the back of a round cake pan. Unless you have 6 round cake pans all the same size, you will have to work in batches... We did 2 at a time. Let the cake pan cool down a little before you spread the next layer on.
Preheat the oven to 375 F. Bake about 10 minutes. Keep a close eye, and remove from the oven when the edges are starting to brown.

To make the Prune filling:

Place, approx. 1 pound of dried, pitted prunes in a large saucepan. Just barely cover with water (this is where we used rum... mixed with water, we would've had to use the whole bottle... just use to taste if you choose). Simmer until the prunes are soft.
Purée in a food processor (use water/rum) if you need more liquid to get the processor to actually process- like we did)
Once puréed, return to the saucepan with 3/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup rum (or prune juice). Cook until thick (you are making a prune jam/butter deal here... kind of like making Apple Butter).  Add spices to taste... One recipe called for 2 tsp. of Cinnamon, another for cloves, and yet another for cardamom. We used all 3, until it tasted perfect for us. Just keep tasting until you like what you have. Cool Completely.

To Assemble:
Pick out your ugliest cake layer and put it on the bottom. Spread an even layer of filling over top (using enough to all your layers are even). Put another cake on top, and spread with filling again. Save the best cake layer for the top
Once all assembled, Cover well with plastic wrap and let sit for AT LEAST 24 hours. Older recipes say 2 weeks.  Vinatarta freezes well also.

 You can cut slabs of cake if you choose, or cut into nice little rectangles instead.  Another option is to frost the top with Almond butter cream, but my mom didn't want anything to do with that. And I don't think it needs it.

Have a Very Merry Holiday Season, and I hope you try this wonderful Christmas cake. Unless you are a kid, then you might not like it... I sure didn't... But I do now, and that is what I was trying to say... very ineloquently. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

17 Days until Christmas... Spicy Gingersnaps!

I don't remember exactly where I found this recipe, So I have no source, but I have made it so many times, that It is almost engrained into my brain permanently....

Spicy Gingersnaps

2 Cups All Purpose Flour
1 TBSP ground ginger
1 tsp. ground cloves
1 tsp. ground Cinnamon
2 tsp. Baking soda
1/4 tsp. Salt
1/2 cup Butter (softened)
1/2 cup Granulated Sugar
1/2 cup Molasses
1 large Egg
Turbinado Sugar (you can use regular granulated if you prefer)

Combine the dry ingredients (first 6 listed) and whisk together in a small bowl. Set Aside
Cream Butter and Sguar together.
Add molasses and egg - mixing well between each addition.
Mix until well combined.
Slowly (and in batches) add the flour mixture and beat until completely blended.
Cover and Chill for about an hour in the the Fridge (until firm)
Preheat oven to 350 F.
Pour the Turbinado Sugar into a bowl
Roll the chilled dough into balls about 1" in diameter.
Roll the balls into the sugar until evenly covered, then place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
Bake for about 12 minutes or until lightly browned and puffed.

ENJOY! I love these cookies and I'm sure you will too!

Friday, December 7, 2012

18 Days Until Christmas... Opps I did it again

 Just a heads up... These sock snowmen are a little bit addicting... Kind of like Tattoos. I've decided to make some as gifts for two reasons: a) they are too adorable... who wouldn't want one?, and b) then I can keep making them without ending up with a sock snowman army.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

19 Days until Christmas... Sock Snowman again

I made another sock snowman... (See Yesterday's post)

Aren't They adorable? I think they need names...

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

20 Days until Christmas...Sock Snowman

I came across a Tutorial on Pinterest for some Sock Snowmen, and I instantly knew that it was fate... I have this habit of going through socks like Crazy... but then I never throw them out. Also, our dogs like to steal socks and then play tug of war with them...  So I have alot of socks that either need to be used for something, or thrown out... Enter Sock snowmen!

I am not going to give you a Tutorial... But if you have some socks, some rice and a glue gun, then you can totally make one of these... SO cute! I love them!

Before I forget... HERE is the link to the best sock snowman tutorial that I have seen. It is from "Then She made..." (love that name!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

21 Days Until Christmas... Jingle Balls

I called these Jingle Balls, a) because they are ball shaped and have Jingle bells in them, and b) because it is funny... Like ordering Chicken Balls for Chinese food - makes me crack up every time.

I have yet to get any good pictures of them - Maybe once we have the tree up and decorated... But the idea is basic and simple, and easily executed. You just need some white-glue-drying-time patience (and a place where your dogs wont try to play with them...)

I just realized I don't have any pictures of them finished... so these will have to do for now, I will definitely get some finished and on the tree pictures up as soon as I can.

 There are tutorials flooding the internet about these things, and they are kind of fun to make. They take a little bit more time than you might expect if you have never made them, but it is simple.

You will need:
 -water balloons -or regular size balloons if you want to make big balls (hehehe)
-Jingle Bells - to put inside the water balloon, so it ends up in the string ball
-white glue (you could use fabric stiffener too... I like white glue because it is cheap, i already have it, and I don't need to go searching for an expensive addition to my crafting supplies that we are already drowning in.)
-somewhere to tie these up so they can dry until hard, without being disturbed. (I left mine for a few days, just for good measure, and not at all because I had forgot about them)

Step 1- get the jingle ball into the water balloon. This is probably the most difficult part.  I should also note that you should probably pick some jingle bells that are not tiny. When you are wrapping your string around, you will need to make sure that every hole is small enough to keep the jingle bells inside the string ball.

Step 2- blow up jingly water balloon until is is rounded. You can always let air out of the balloon, but it becomes a pain to have to blow it up more. (don't forget to tie it.  - I wasn't going to add that in, but just in case)

Step 3. tie a separate string onto the  tied end of the balloon, so you can hang this sucker up to dry.

Step 4 - Glue goes into a bowl... and Step 4a - unravel some string now so you dont have to deal with tangled string while your fingers are covered in glue (Yep, it is going to get messy)

Step 5- String goes into glue... and then you start wrapping around the balloon. You are going to want to remove some of the excess glue from the string, but not too much... you want it there to add the strength.

Step 6- wrap the string around and around and around in random directions until you have it the way you want it. - Making sure that all the spaced between the strings will be small enough to keep the Jingle Bell in there.

Step 7 - Let dry VERY well

Step 8 - Pop your balloon

Step 9- You will probably need to use a small knife to cut out some of the dried glue from the spaces. And to fully remove the balloon.

Step 10- Tie a string around it so you will have something to hang it up with (if you want your Jingle Bells to hang)

Monday, December 3, 2012

22 Days til Christmas... Oh-no-Gingerbread Man Ornament

Like the snowman tags and the pretty flowery-star thing from the last two days?

Today, I'm going to share a tutorial with you... NOT me giving you a tutorial on how to do
something, but I'll send you the link to it. Because it is easy to follow, and pretty thorough, and the results are amazing. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it on Pinterest, but now that he is hanging in front of my face (until we get our tree up), I am even more in love.

The Tutorial and awesome idea come from Elsie Marley. Here is a picture of her beautiful Gingerbread Man. (and totally go and make one for yourself).

Elsie Marley's awesome Gingerbread Man
I was out of ink in my printer, and out of paper also. (REALLY need to go shopping for supplies soon) So I just drew the basic gingerbread man shape onto some scrap paper, and cut that out as a template... Then I made the basic plan for where the bites into his head and leg would be. I used Seed beads (that I thought were black, but they turned out to be navy blue) for his eyes, and since I don't have any button stash or rick rack ribbon, I just used some felt

Then I blanket stitched him up, and put a little fiberfil in him, trimmed off any excess felt from his fancy felt wrist cuffs...

And Ta-Da... ready to hang on the tree... Now we just need to figure out a name for him...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

23 Days til Christmas...Pretty Christmas Tree ornament

Did you like the snowman tags from yesterday? Super cute right?

Today, is a little different. It's a felt ornament.

 I saw this photo on Pinterest (and obviously pinned it, and obviously went to the corresponding link) GORGEOUS isn't it?  It is by Wandering Lydia. Here is a link to her beautiful Etsy Store too.

snowflake pin by WanderingLydia@Flickr
I obviously don't own this photo, or take credit for any of this beautiful work. I wanted to share my inspiration, and help pay the inspiration forward.

 ABOVE = Wandering Lydia's (my inspiration)
BELOW = mine... Pretty, jingle-bell-y tree ornament (Can't wait to hang it up)

Today isn't a tutorial. More of a few photos to help inspire somebody else to make something as pretty just for themselves too.

I made mine to be a pretty handmade ornament, and used a brass Jingle bell in the centre to cover up where the individual petals join each other.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

24 days until Christmas... Snowman Bag-Tags

I'm starting out with something SUPER easy.

Like you can knock a ton of these out in just a few minutes if you really wanted to.

I saw them on pinterest way back in the summer i think, and I knew I had to make them this year. They are too cute (and too easy) not to!

The original Tutorial is here. It's from Crafts by Amanda... And it is a genius-ly simple idea to really dress up a bag of Christmas cookies

Like the ones I am planning to make for our neighbor/landlord.

I did make mine a teeny tiny bit different than Amanda did. For one, I had plain white bread tags that I got from the bakery I work at. So I didn't need to paint them all white before I started. And secondly, for the pink cheeks:

 I just used a red pen (a uniball liquid micro tip pen). I put a little dot of ink with the pen, and then I just rubbed it around with my  finger, until they looked like nice pink-rosey cheeks.

They look more like blushing ghosts without their carrot noses don't they?

 I'll try and get some pictures later on in this series of my cute little snowmen actually holding bags of cookies shut... I just need to bake the cookies first.

Merry Christmas!!.. Only 24 more days!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Get Ready...

I am totally doing it this year...

I'm going to make Christmas Posts!

I'll post one everyday up until Christmas. (and I can say that out loud, because I am writing them right now, and I'm scheduling them. Isn't that what responsible bloggers do?)

So get ready... It's like a blog Advent calender!

One post a day everyday up until Christmas... 24 things... Ready?

It's coming at-cha on December 1st.

Merry Christmas!

I've totally been Pin-spired this season too... so head over there (Pinterest) for your own inspiration!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012... rollercoaster year

Okay, I feel like I have some explaining to do... I havn't been around much at all this year... like AT ALL. and I'm really sorry about that. It has been a CRAZY year.
I started out the year falling out of love with my live-time love of horses.  This was directly related to my job (working in a horse barn obviously). It wasn't so much that I didn't love horses anymore, (Pretty sure that is even less possible than the world ending next month)... Just that I was getting sick of the drama in the barn, and (having made some pretty good friends at said job), I was having to lie to them and not tell them what was really going on with their horses. I was exhausted from navigating lines of communication between my boss, the barn manager, the clients, the new staff, the old staff, and ALL the drama in the barn (including legal matters, and horses being seized and... just not very pleasant stuff). I dreaded going to work every single day.  Until something snapped, and one morning I woke up and decided i couldn't do it any more. I feel guilty about how I left the job, but I feel more guilty about letting myself feel like that for so long.
I took a mental health month of doing nothing... I played this whole game from start to finish. I went through ALL my tack back at home, and threw out a bunch of stuff, and gave away a bunch of stuff. I spent alot of time cuddling with my dogs and watching movies on Netflix. I cried alot into the manes of my horses when I was visiting my parents. And I baked, and made a list of new things to try and make and do, and learn. I spent alot of time dreaming about a house in the middle of nowhere where I could have a mini-zoo and a garden and wake up to fresh mountain air, and see the stars at night again... and watch the northern lights....
But I needed to pay my rent, so I needed to find a new job. Something having absolutly nothing to do with horses and their crazy owners.... and those owner's crazy trainers. And since I only really have 14 years of work experience in the horse industry... I applied to a bakery in a HUGE store, where I was 90% sure I would get hired, so I wasn't very stressed about it. And I got the job... shitty pay... but it was better than what I was making sitting on my ass at home.
And I learned alot, and I got the chance to learn cake decorating. and while I was disappointed that nothing gets MADE there (everything is brought in frozen- bread dough included) I still gained valuable experience.... and I got to play with icing!
And that I hate kids without manners - or more specifically, kids with parents who don't bother to make sure they have manners.
And I REALLY missed smelling like a barn.
In August, my best friend, came out to visit, and I finally got to meet her baby. It made me REALLY miss the old days when we lived like 100 feet apart and spent all day working our asses of and riding horses all day at one of the best equestrian facilities in the world. It made my uterus hurt too... at least for a little bit... But my wallet hurt a tiny bit less. It made me miss her even more after we had to leave each other, because I know that she finally gets to be a mom like she always wanted, and I'm so happy for her. At least we have facebook... 
In September, my boyfriend was building a huge boulder retaining wall, and a rock he was moving with the excavator got wedged back behind where they needed it. He was trying to shift it (by hand) to where the bucket could pick it up, and the rock slipped, and he crushed his fingers between 2 of the rocks. Luckily it was his left hand... But his index and middler fingers were crushed. The bones didn't break, but MAJOR crush-injury... All the soft tissue in the tip of his index finger, is now in the dirt by that boulder. LOTS of healing... Minimum 6 weeks before he could actually use those fingers. And its still kind of rough now (I think we are 10 weeks in).
In October I got an email about a job at a barn REALLY close to town, asking to send my resume. I had applied there when we first moved here 2 1/2 years ago, but they didn't need anyone at that time. I went for an interview on one of my days off, and really liked the vibe at the place (and the smell of horses). The pay was an extra $6 an hour... and more hours. I went for a trial day to meet everyone, and get a feel for the work, and so we could both make sure it would be a good fit. I went home feeling more like myself than I have felt ALL YEAR.
I tried to think of ways to work at both jobs, But it wouldn't work. Not if I ever wanted to spend time with my boyfriend, and dogs, and recover from the physical labour of barn work, and the mental labour of answering people's stupid questions (I AM not made for retail... I mentally need time to recover from being around people). So, I gave my 2 week notice to the bakery, and I am starting full-time at the barn next Monday. - and helping out on my days off until then.
There has been more... More than I'm willing to plaster all over the internet, But this year has been a definate rollercoaster.

Also, since I am felling a million times more like myself, I have been busy on pinterest! In the last 2 weeks, I have made so many things, it's crazy. I have 3 sock-snowmen starring at me... and If I ever remember to go buy more rice, I will have a few more of them. I made my mom an advent calendar - all of homemade/handmade ornaments.... I'm making a quilt from all of my old jeans... And I feel like I should write something called "an ode to my glue gun"  or start saying "the best thing since the glue-gun" (instead of sliced bread... get it?).

Want to know the biggest thing I learned while working in a bakery? L-cysteine Hydrocloride
The reason I will pretty much only be eating my own home-made bread for the rest of my life.. or bread from Silver Hills Bakery (I'm kind of obsessed with the 20 Grain Train right now... It just tastes good)

So there it is... The cliff-notes version anyway.... I'll try and get back here more often. I have a Ton of pictures of all the crafting I've been doing... and I have a huge list of things to try and make in my kitchen (which I FINALLY cleaned)... Go to my pinterest boards for an idea of what i've been up too... I guess i've been Pin-spired ? lol

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I promise I will find time to post my thanksgiving recipes... But it will be after thanksgiving

Things are CRAZY again

Been working overtime at work, and trying to winterize my house as fast as i can before the snow flies (and stays on the ground) and working on all the halloween projects that I promised myself I wouldn't forget about!

I have tons of pie pictures, i just need to edit them (and to edit them, i need to be infront of the computer for more than 10 minutes at time)

I also want to talk a little about my new favourite shows at some point too... But I'll get to that... for now, im going to go to bed and watch the last episode of the Walking Dead Season2 while I fall asleep... Working early tomorrow (sucks to work the holiday, except that I get more money for doing it!) Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving Weekend!!! I promise Apple Pie recipes, as soon as possible... pinky swear!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


This weekend is Thanksgiving!  In Canada anyway.

Can someone explain to me why we have a different thanksgiving date than the USA?

I am working all weekend... so I don't get to be home with my family, But I don't have to work today, and since it snowed here today... the boyfriend is not working either... So today is our Thanksgiving together. And I am working on some posts for the next few days, so I won't be as absent here as I have been for most of this year!

Right now my house smells amazing! I just finished baking an Apple Pie (made with Apples that I picked from my Grandma's Apple Tree)
And the Turkey is in the Oven, along with some extra dressing, that didn't quite fit in the bird.
Next up will be Mashed Potatoes and steaming some Brussels Sprouts, and some Cranberry sauce.

Speaking of Brussels Sprouts... Have you seen how they grow? It is crazy... Here is the Wikipedia link for them.

I'll be back tomorrow with my Pie Crust Recipe!

I haven't looked at the pictures yet, so hopefully I have some decent ones... But my lighting is horrible, especially with the snow outside, there isn't much light coming into the house.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Crab Apple Jelly

So... we kind of.... sort of... (not really) have this Crab Apple Tree.

What I mean is, that this tree isn't actually planted in our yard, but It hangs mostly into our yard... So we sort of have 1/3 of a Crab apple tree.

So I googled and you-tubed a bunch of different things to do with Crab Apples, and I came up with Crab Apple Jelly! (as if you couldn't already guess that from the title!)

I picked about 8 cups of apples (more or less). Then took the blossom ends off with my fingers (and all the leaves too).  Then the tiny Apples were washed, and then dumped into a large pot... I added in 2 Macintosh Apples too (cut up, and seeds removed)  You don't need to do anything fancy like take the stems off (unless you want to). We are going to strain all the pulp out anyway and why make more work for yourself?

So... with the apples in the pot, add enough water to just cover them... maybe about half an inch of water over the apple tops (but remember that they will float to the top, so don't add TOO much.... but also, don't add too little, because we are going to cook this for about 2 hours.

Since I wanted it to feel a little more like Fall, I added in 3 cinamon sticks, and about 1/2 TBSP of whole cloves.

Let this cook for about 2 hours, at a light boil/simmer. Stir often to make sure nothing is scorching to the bottom of the pot (this is more important once the apples start to break down from the cooking)
Your house will smell amazing! You can smoosh the apples more with a potato masher also, to help them release their apple-y goodness... or you can leave them alone to let the boiling water do that.... There is only one technical part to this recipe, and this isn't it.

Once you are happy with your apple pulp... Slowly add it into jelly bags (they have a really fine mesh, so only the juice strains out)  Suspend your full jelly bag(s) above bowls (something to catch the juice). I ended up using fishing line hooked onto the hinges in my cupboards to hold up the bags over the bowls... use your imagination, and you'll figure out a way...
Now, you don't want to squeeze the bags, just let them hang out for at least 2 hours to let all the juice slowly drip out (You can also taste the juice now, but remember that it is going to be really tart since they are crab apples). If you force the juice out, then your jelly will be cloudy and not nice clear juice.

I fully intended to let them sit overnight to get as much juice out as possible, but after about two and a half hours, I got too excited about the next step to wait any longer. So I just went for it.
(also... I left them hanging over the bowls all night to see how much more juice came out in the next 8 hours, and between both bowls, there is MAYBE another tbsp of juice the didn't end up in the jelly)

You need to measure out your juice into a large pot. You want 6 1/2 cups of Juice... Mine worked out perfectly... If you have less, you can add up to 1 1/2 cups of water to make it to the 6 1/2 cups of liquid that you need. BUT be aware that this could affect the pectin level and you may need to add some in from another source... and I am not a expert jam/jelly maker, so I can't offer much help.

With your 6 1/2 cups of Crab Apple Juice in the pot, add in 4 1/2 cups of sugar. Stir constantly over medium high heat. You want this to boil for about 18-20 minutes. BOIL... don't count that has whole cooking time, you need the boiling to help activate the natural pectin in the apples, from what I understand.

Keep your canner hot and simmering with the jars you intend to use - in the hot water. Keep your sealing disks in a separate pan in hot, but not-boiling water. Have a protected area close to the stove where you can fill the jars up... AND keep 2 or 3 small saucers in the freezer (this is so you can test for the gel-stage)

When you think your apple juice is ready, put about 1-2 tsp on the frozen saucer and then put it back in the freezer for a minute... when you take it out again, push it slightly with your finger, and if it wrinkles with a skin on the top, it is ready... if it just looks like liquid still, then keep boiling, and test again in a few minutes.

You want to fill the jars up with 1/4inch of headspace, wipe the rim of the jar clean, and then put a sealing disk on, followed by the screw-ring... Don't super-tighten these or you will never get them off... Fingertip-tight is all you want. When the jars are all full and lid-ed (is that a word?), then put them in your boiling-water canner. (with the water boiling). Space them out evenly and then lower them down with the metal rack thing-y. You want at least an inch of water above the top of the tallest jar. Bring this up to a rolling boil, and then start counting your processing time.  These need to be processed in the boiling water canner for 10 minutes (if your at lower elevations.)  Wikipedia your town, and then find the elevation... Generally, if you live at an Altitude/elevation of 1001-3000 ft then you add 5 minutes onto the processing time; 3001-6000ft - add 10minutes; 6001-8000 ft -add 15 minutes; 8000-10000ft - add 20 minutes)... So since I live at (about) 3573ft above sea-level, then I had to add an extra 10 minutes...

After I reached the roaring boil, I put the timer for 20 minutes, then when that was done, I shut the stove off, took the lid off the canner, and waited 5 more minutes.
Now, carefully (and without tilting or tipping or knocking anything) lift the jars out and put them on your protected work surface (I put 2 tea towels on my counter). Put the jars here to rest - UNDISTURBED... (don't touch them) for 24 hours.  After that is done, Test the seal - if it pops, then you didn't get a good seal, and you should use this jam up right away (and keep it in the fridge). If they are good seals, then wipe the jars clean, and add the screw lids back on (if you choose). Keep your jelly in a cool dark place and use within a year.

Ta-Da... you just made crab-Apple Jelly... (I'm pretty stoked about this, and wondering if I can reach another 8 cups of apples from my sorta-mine-Crab Apple tree.)

Happy Fall Everyone!!!! (It's my favourite time of year!!!)