Saturday, December 31, 2011

Smell ya' Later 2011...

Okay... I am on my laptop, which we really only use to watch Netflix in bed... so no pictures, and just a quick post. I wanted to share my blog-resolutions quickly.
1)post once a week
2)get inspired by Tracy Shutterbean and her High Straightness Blog at Homefries, and get my kitchen in order... And write about it on here. (I organized the bathroom last night, and it is so much nicer in there now!)
3)Try something new once a month... Like make Curry and make the boyfriend actually eat it
4)eventually try a new look here... Not just the plain old Blogger template look.
5)Share more of life... not just food... I've been doing some crafts lately... and my super-secret project that I really want to share here, but not until I am finished the first part of it.

Five resolutions is a good place to start right? I promise I will be back. I am tryin to get myself out of the funk of the last few months... And I will...

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

OOOO.. I have a #6 - check off more things on my Baking/Cooking Bucket List

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WHAT!?! It's Almost Christmas?!?!

Christmas is in 4 days... FOUR DAYS!!!

One part of me is totally ready... I have gifts bought and 4 whole days off of work (SWEET!). I did the work Christmas party thing (got to ride up to the house in a 2-horse open sleigh with Jingle Bells... except it is really called a cutter and not a sleigh, but I'm okay with calling it a sleigh... well, part of my brain is), I gave my bosses and friends at work presents, I wrote all the clients Christmas cards, I baked cookies for the farrier... and the land lord, and people at work, and some just for us... and I'll bake more tonight as soon as I'm done typing this out.

So, while part of me is completely ready for Christmas... the blogger in me is hiding in the corner in shame, because, it is only 4 days until Christmas, and I haven't written anything in December. I'm going to have to stick to some kind of schedule for this, because I have been pretty lazy about this poor blog lately, and I am not proud of that, because I like baking and cooking and taking pictures and just getting better and trying new things and new skills, and This blog is what pushes me to really do that... So 2012, I will be better about this... I pinkie swear...

I think I might share some of the crafty-ness that I have been partaking in lately also... and the giant nerd in me... I had a project that I was trying to get done before Christmas, but It has become much more involved than I first imagined back in August, so when I finish the main part of that, I will share it here too... because I'm pretty proud of it.

If I don't get back here in the next four days... Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!