Saturday, February 19, 2011


I may have developed an addiction to looking up recipes online...
and then printing them off, and hardly ever making them... Well, I usually only print them off if I'm pretty sure I am going to make them... If I just think it looks delicious and good to try, but I can't see myself making it, then I just bookmark it. The Internet is way better than any cookbook. Well, i don't know if you can beat some of the old cookbooks my grandma has, BUT I would rather just look up recipes online than buy a bunch of different cookbooks.
I do have my own cookbook though. I bought a nice fake-leather journal a few years ago and I have been slowly adding to it. I only put in recipes that I have made and that I love. So in theory, when I'm really old, instead of being bothered by grand kids for recipes (like I do to my grandma) And not being able to remember them (like my grandma). I can just give them the book and Its even a little better. I would love to have something written by either of my grandmothers when they were my age, before bad memories and shaky hands made things hard to read.

Currently I am on a mission to find foods that I can make ahead on the weekends and freeze so we can eat actual homemade food during the week instead of ordering Pizza because we are to tired to even attempt to cook anything. Also, because freeze ahead meals tend to be made with simple ingredients that are pretty easy to find, and also pretty easy on the wallet.

I went to make some Cinnamon Swirl bread this morning, but then I realized we are almost out of flour (i have about 1 cup left)... Which means I am going grocery shopping as soon as the Dryer is done drying my Jeans.
Then I can tell you all about when I'm cooking/baking this weekend.

For now, I'll share a few pictures of a few experiments I did a while ago

These cookies (above) are not an experiment anymore, They are Double Chocolate Cookies... Which are actually Triple Chocolate or even Quadruple Chocolate depending on what you add... I will try and make them again and share the recipe at some point.... They are one of my favourite cookies to make

These are Chocolate Chip cookies. In the fall I went on a Cookie baking spree, and I think i made about 4 dozen cookies of each recipe i made... Which, If i remember correctly was 4 different cookie recipes.

On Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving... in October) My mom and I tried to make a Bikini Turkey... It tasted GREAT!... but the bikini tan lines didn't turn out so great... (below)
A Little while ago, I bought a 10 or 15 pound bag of Potatoes (it was on sale) and I needed to figure out what to do with them all before they went bad, So i used the super cool slicer thing that I adopted from my parent's kitchen, and made a sorta-scalloped potatoes... with Carrots (because those were on sale too)... It needed way more cheese, but it was still pretty yummy. Next time I'm going to make actual scalloped potatoes with the sauce and everything.... Or at the very least, add MORE cheese.

Well, that is it for now, I am thinking of experimenting with Beets or Squash next, so I will let you know how it goes.... I've never cooked either (except zucchini)

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  1. I bought Beets, a Butternut Squash, an Acorn squash and a bunch of other things that I have never tried cooking before... So this could be interesting...
    Greek Bread is in the Oven right now, I'll write about it after we taste it! (but how can you go wrong with olives and cheese?)


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