Saturday, February 4, 2012

a whole lot of random...

It is already February 4th. Wow... seriously, wow. I couldn't really tell you what has gone on in the last few days, I am stunned. Lucky for me, nothing directly related to me, and nothing I can talk about here. But wow. Drama Drama Drama... So today, you get a bunch of random, because my brain can't focus on much else.  To further emphasize this point... it is almost 10pm, On Saturday. On a Saturday that I worked all day, in a 6 day week (barf).. and I am in the process of making This.... I did have a nap while the beets were roasting/cooling though (awesome boyfriend took them out of the oven for me)

I bought all the ingredients to make Ratatouille too... So that is my project for tomorrow... apart from sleep, drink coffee, have a nap, and catch up on random TV shows on line.

Also... Betty White is awesome. I think my random TV show watching will include her show "off their rockers" because my Sunday could use a little hilarity in it.

I think I found this on Pintrest. I saved it to put it into a book for a friend. I do not own this at all, and I can't tell you who does. If you know I will gladly credit (any of these images... obvs. they aren't owned by me)... But I had to share, because this is awesome... and to go along with the drama of the week:


I will try and put up my attempt at Joy's Chocolate Beet Cake tomorrow or the next day (or the next day or the next day)
And stay tuned for the 27th. because I'm pretty stoked for this month's Daring Baker Challenge, I have a few ideas to try, and some that I have already tried... Yay! effort on my part for a challenge finally! its been a while!.

Feb.1- my BFF, My person, whatever you want to call her... She turned 25... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Feb.2- ground-hog day... apparently we are having an early spring... No shit Balzac Billy... it's 10 freaking degrees outside... It's spring right now!
Feb.3- my Parent's anniversary... 32 years!!! holy crap
And today... my boss' lawn was littered with Flamingos... and I got to have cupcakes from Here... Delicious!

And anyone felling generous? I would love to live in this house... or at least live back in Canmore.. GAWD DO I MISS THE MOUNTAINS!!!! :(
I am definitely NOT a prairie girl...