Friday, January 7, 2011

How my day was today:

Today.... there is a clinic with a pretty big name going on this weekend, and we have a few horses heading out that way, so I've been busy clipping all their hair off so they look pretty (and don't sweat as much)
All afternoon yesterday, I was clipping the long neck bug eyed horse... he's got a giant heart and stands nice for long periods of ancient-clippers clipper-ing... Except for his ears...
And I don't mess around with ears if I can't get them right away... 1)because I don't have the time to paitently train them to accept it, as much as I wish I did; 2)because they are usually older horses already ready to fight with twitches and other means of restraint; 3)im not a fast ear clipper, so I need them to stand nice or else they look weird, and 4) the vet comes once a week, and will tranq them lightly, so their ears get clipped, and then their owners are happy (Personally, I don't mind hairy ears on horses unless they are going to a fancy show where it actually matters if they have hairy ears)... Ok, so bottom line, I left long-neck-bug-eyed-horse's ears until the vet comes.

All afternoon today I was clipping the chubby-but-handsome horse, who also stands perfectly. He stands so nice infact, that I was actualy kneeling on the ground underneath him to clip his belly hair off. (sshhhhh, don't tell anyone that I was a pony clubber!).

After I finished getting the last of the hair out of all the chubby folds of skin (his elbows and his gullet were the worst to clip!) another girl in the barn asked for help to clip her horses ears... *insert exasberated sigh here* so... crazy-bitchy-mare wont even let her bridle path get cut with scissors, so obviously this is going to be fun (and by fun, I mean a hellish experience). But we can't get the twitch to stay on her lip... she doesnt have much lip to begin with AND its an annoying one with a big wooden handle and rusty old chain.... and then for a minute or two, it stayed on... and then *BAM* all i saw were stars... that crazy biotch smoked me in the head... I literally saw stars.
We eventually got the old-man hair trimmed with some sneaky scissor cuts and a bucket of grain distraction...
and I got home before the full concussion effects set in. Which i am definatly starting to feel now.. not just the pain from being smoked in the head with a horse's head... but because the boyfriend won't let me sleep, because of the likelyhood of the concussion.. And I am exhausted from working 10 hours and just want to sleep.

On a different front... My daring baker challenge (im not allowed to tell you what it is) is not going so well, I have only so far thought of ideas, I havn't bought ingredients or figured out my complete idea ... But I guess I still have 20 more days til I have to revel my creation.. Definatly a hard first-challenge!!!

Maybe my concussion will give me good Daring Baker Challenge ideas!!!

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