Friday, January 21, 2011

Wisdom Teeth

Surgury was yesterday, and I honestly thought that It woudn't hurt that much... But it did... Until after we got home and then i got to take this amazing little pill... (they only gave me one).
Actually it woudln't have hurt this much if ALL FOUR teeth weren't impacted. Im pretty sure that the dentist guy had to get up on the table just to get more leverage cuz my gawd does my mouth ache. PLUS it took longer than they thought.
I am pretty lucky that I have an amazing boyfriend... most definatly the love of my life to take care of me. He helped pull the spit and blood covered gauze out of my mouth, and make sure i had icepacks for my face, and got me up to clean out my mouth. He is really amazing.
so while he is at work today, My goal is to clean up our house (between naps and while pain killers are in their full effect of course). and maybe try and make him something yummy to eat too.
He had the last of the lasagne that I had froze last night, And boy did it ever smell good.... I wish i could've had some... stupid teeth
I've had a chopped up popsicle (can't suck on anything for a while), applesauce and pudding... Mmmmm and now im reading food blogs and thinking about what i could make when i can eat solid food again

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