Sunday, January 16, 2011

drum roll

A few weeks ago, I spread the word that i was looking for a kitten... as young as possible without emotionally scaring it for life... Like 6 or 8 weeks.. not 15 weeks where it is "litter trained". I want a kitten this young for 2 reasons:
a)it will be used to Wilson's high energy
b)it won't be afraid of Dogs, and he can actually play with it without being clawed to death... and thus both of them will not be stressed out all the time (and try to kill each other when we arn't home)
So...! One of the girls at the barn has a cat, and it is having Kittens, and I get first dibbs... (YAY!!!) And so my kitten should be entering the world next week sometime! So excited, I kinda feel like a name that relates to "wisdom" is in order, even if it is dumber than a box of rocks... Just because my surgury (widsom teeth extraction) is on Thursday!!! (so excited to get these damn things out of my head)

Will post pictures of my kitten as soon as he/she graces me with their presence.

On another exciting note... I might get a puppy too!!!! I'll write more when i know more

Stay warm!!

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