Saturday, January 8, 2011


Last week I made Lasagna...
For the Very First Time
and I made a lot of it

AND it turned out better than I ever expected.

I cooked the meat (2 parts ground beef, one part ground pork) and then added in some Tomato Sauce and some spices and let them all blend together nicely
In another pan, I put in cut up onion (not my favorite veggie, but they are healthy and Boyfriend likes them) and sliced fresh mushrooms, a can of whole tomatoes (that I cut up... with the spatchula) with the juice, some spices, and let them all blend together nice too.
In a big pot, i boiled the lasagna noodles... I know they make the ones that are oven-ready, But I'm more of a traditionalist, and My Mom has strong feelings against the oven-ready lasagna noodles, and i have to agree with her that they don't taste as good.
While this was going on, I washed Spinach and took the stems off, and grated a whole big brick of Pizza Mozzerella (it was on sale), got the cottage cheese out and ready to go, and got the pans all ready.
And pre-heated the Oven
So I had a lot going on all at once, which i am pretty proud of, considering everything turned out amazing in the end.... apart from all the tomato splatter everywhere on my stove and nearby counter-tops.
Assembled in the layers... Noodles, meat sauce, noodles, spinach (kept the leaves whole and just coverd the noodles with the spinach leaves), cottage cheese, vegtable mix, noodles, good layer of cheese
I baked one dish and wrapped the other 2 in tin foil and put them in the freezer, ready for a night when i get home from a long day at the barn and want some good food, but not to cook anything.

We had one of the freezer lasagna;s the other night and it came out of the feezer almost better than the one I baked right after it was assembled... But maybe i was just hungrier or proud of myself for being really respoinsible and having fore-thought to pre-make dinner.
Either way, my very first Lasagna turned out incredibly, and I will try and add some pictures when i have my camera with me again...
Right now the camera is out in the car, and it is blowing crazy snow and North winds out there... REALLY dreading having to go to work tomorrow, and trying to develop a way to train the dogs to feed the horses so I dont have to get up as early...
Maybe Ceasar Millan could help me with that? lol

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