Friday, December 31, 2010

Random post about doughnuts (cuz thats how I roll)

Since i am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what the Daring Baker's Challenge for January is (and my very first one), I saw the challenge from October (doughnuts), and thought how much my mom would love that one.

a few weeks ago, my mom came to visit my grandma while we can still visit with her, and of course me (geographic convienence). We were going though my grandma's old recipes, including one recipe book by 5 roses Flour (i think) that she received as a wedding gift in 1948!

My mom wanted to know if my grandma still had her doughtnut maker... and then alot of digging around in cuboards happend, and voi-la, my mom now has a doughnut maker... Now she just needs some time to actually make the doughnuts.
SO, i am thinking that I will print off the old October challenge, show it to my mom, and she can make some cool doughnuts, then I'll share it on here (she is pretty computer illiterate, and my dad is not so good with shareing the computer either)

Thats the thought of theday... Happy Last day of 2010!!! All the best in 2011 (and for the January Daring Baker Challenge!)

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