Saturday, December 1, 2012

24 days until Christmas... Snowman Bag-Tags

I'm starting out with something SUPER easy.

Like you can knock a ton of these out in just a few minutes if you really wanted to.

I saw them on pinterest way back in the summer i think, and I knew I had to make them this year. They are too cute (and too easy) not to!

The original Tutorial is here. It's from Crafts by Amanda... And it is a genius-ly simple idea to really dress up a bag of Christmas cookies

Like the ones I am planning to make for our neighbor/landlord.

I did make mine a teeny tiny bit different than Amanda did. For one, I had plain white bread tags that I got from the bakery I work at. So I didn't need to paint them all white before I started. And secondly, for the pink cheeks:

 I just used a red pen (a uniball liquid micro tip pen). I put a little dot of ink with the pen, and then I just rubbed it around with my  finger, until they looked like nice pink-rosey cheeks.

They look more like blushing ghosts without their carrot noses don't they?

 I'll try and get some pictures later on in this series of my cute little snowmen actually holding bags of cookies shut... I just need to bake the cookies first.

Merry Christmas!!.. Only 24 more days!

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