Tuesday, December 11, 2012

14 days til Christmas!!!

2 weeks left!!! How are your Christmas preparations going?

We don't even have a tree up yet! Just my re-vamped wreath... I put battery opperated lights on it and a little blue-jay bird I found at Michaels, and it is adorable.

My main reason for not having a tree up yet is because of our new additions:

Kitten sleeping on Ava's tail

doesn't she look like a tiny little bear with a cat-head?

Meet my new kittens! One has a tail, and one doesn't. (Their mom is a Manx... and who knows who their dad(s) is/are... )
My parents live at the end of a very quiet no-exit road... and kittens get dumped there all the time... The lucky ones end up finding the house and get fed during the winter, and the not-so lucky ones probably end up as Coyote food... These two are the super-Lucky ones because I cat-napped them (the only two I could pick up) and now they get to live inside with fresh food and water all time....  And Just quickly-before I go on... We (my parents and myself) have chosen to take care of the semi-feral and feral cats rather than just dump them into the already flooded animal rescue organization in our small town... So If you live in central alberta or around Calgary, and would like to rescue one of our cats... send me a message on here... Because these kittens are adorable and deserve loving homes, not to be thrown out like garbage.

So... one kitten has a tail, and one doesn't. (Their mom is a Manx... but obviously a regualar-tailed cat has umm.. "serviced" her too.)
The kittens love the dogs, and the dogs love them. And it only took about a day for them to all settle in together, which was a nice surprise, I expected it to be about a week (since they are semi-feral afterall).
We finally named them (after calling them Tail and No-tail for about a week). So now... The one with a tail is "Hali" and the one without is "Ekki"... (we typed "no" and "tail" into google translate and tried different languages until these came up in Icelandic... So Ekki means "no" in Icelandic and "Hali" means "tail"  which I find very humours)

Back to regular Christmas posts tomorrow... I just needed to share the cuteness!!!!

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