Sunday, December 2, 2012

23 Days til Christmas...Pretty Christmas Tree ornament

Did you like the snowman tags from yesterday? Super cute right?

Today, is a little different. It's a felt ornament.

 I saw this photo on Pinterest (and obviously pinned it, and obviously went to the corresponding link) GORGEOUS isn't it?  It is by Wandering Lydia. Here is a link to her beautiful Etsy Store too.

snowflake pin by WanderingLydia@Flickr
I obviously don't own this photo, or take credit for any of this beautiful work. I wanted to share my inspiration, and help pay the inspiration forward.

 ABOVE = Wandering Lydia's (my inspiration)
BELOW = mine... Pretty, jingle-bell-y tree ornament (Can't wait to hang it up)

Today isn't a tutorial. More of a few photos to help inspire somebody else to make something as pretty just for themselves too.

I made mine to be a pretty handmade ornament, and used a brass Jingle bell in the centre to cover up where the individual petals join each other.

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