Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm back.... I took Ava home to meet/visit my parents/grandparents/Horses... And my mom and I made many yummy things, which I will try and post later this week... (sorry, no recipes today)

While visiting my grandparents, My grandpa tried to trade their dog for Ava, until I told him that she isn't really house trained yet, and she leaves big puddles everywhere... My grandma gave me my birthday card (read:money), and I got her to give me her dill pickle and anti-pasto recipes... and ended up with a whole cookbook, because she said she never uses it anymore.

The Dill pickle and anti-pasto recipes are the key to the story.... Because this year, I want to learn to can.
When I was little, during the day, a few days a week, I used to go to my grandma's house while my Mom was at work. and we used to do cool things, like work in the garden, or make yard dolls, or learn to knit/crochet, and watch the Golden Girls. My grandparents used to have this really awesome garden too, and I would help pick weeds or pick the vegetables... or sneak away to the raspberries and eat a bunch before I got caught. And I remember getting to help pick the cucumbers for making pickles. I never got to really help can, In fact, i don't think she even let me near the kitchen when she was canning... I'm kind of clumsy and don't mix well with boiling water i guess...
BUT I got to put the dill in the jars, and I remember the smell of the fresh dill and garlic, and then getting to bite into the crunchy pickles after they were all done and canned.

So this year, I am learning to can

And while on my hunt for coconut oil a few days ago, I saw a home canning kit for only $20... For Serious... only $20... to buy all the stuff individually would be at least $50
So guess what I'm going to do one day really soon...

Make Jam thought I was going to say pickles didn't you? And I would, but, the home canning kit came with 4 tenny jam-sized jars, and since I don't really know what im doing, then I figure I should start somewhere easy.... with Jam

Look at my early birthday present: It's so pretty! Thanks Grandma!!! (and I even have enough birthday money left over to put some gas in my car!)

Recipes you have to look forward to in the near future:
  • Black Forest Cake (checked it off the bucket list finally!)
  • Meringue kisses (convinced my mommy to make them for me)
  • My Daring Baker Challenge (will post it on April 27th... Its not that awe inspiring though)
  • And I'll think of some more for you

Take care!! and Enjoy the nice weather if you got it... I think we have snow in the forecast again this week... Or as I'm beginning to call it: Canadian Rain... the kind of snow that almost melts right away, but still sucks because its snow'

ALSO: I tried a grapefruit curd version... and the lemon lime one is much better!!

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