Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kusudama flowers

I have had these brightly coloured Post-It's for a long time...

It is time they finally had a life other than in their little sticky-note pile

So I have been making Kusudama flowers like a mad woman... Well, I used up all the blue papers that I had, and now I am slowly moving onto the pink, green and orange that were also in the pile... (and eyeing some new post-it's in the office section at Walmart)

If you want a great Tutorial on these flowers... Head over to Folding Trees.  But if you are ok with my mediocre photos... Here they are:  (also, I will try to get the finished flower pictures up... my iPhone is not being cooperative at the moment)

Take your post-it and fold it in half from corner to corner

From the folded bottom side, fold the corners in, so that they match up with the top of the triangle

Take the flaps you just folded, and fold them in half, so they point back outwards

Then, you need to separate the inside of the "wing" so that you can press the center of  the wing down. Each "wing" will look like a kite.

Then you fold the top part of the "kite" down, so it is level with the rest of the paper triangle

Now you fold the kite's back in half

You need to do this five times for one flower... I made five flowers, out of my blue post-It's

Put some glue onto one edge...

And press the edges together (just don't crease the back part of the flower)

And then you have one petal...
 I will try and get the finished flower pics up ASAP, and link them here...
To make the stem of the flower, take some wire (i used 22 gage because it is what I had). and Then put some hot glue on the inside of the petal, and press it onto the wire.. Fill in with 4 more petals, and then wrap the wire in floral tape, and you have some Kusudama flowers for a bouquet.

Also, I made some paper Carnations too, if you want to check them out.

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