Monday, May 14, 2012

Butternut Squash Ravioli (homemade)

Remember a few days ago, when I wrote about my homemade Pasta??

I made homemade ravioli too

Butternut Squash and Cheese stuffed into homemade Pasta

I realize that Butternut Squash is more of a Fall food... And roasting veggies in the oven on a really hot day, doesn't make a whole lot of sense... But I REALLY wanted to try making Ravioli, and I really wanted that Ravioli to be Butternut Squash.

I didn't really use a recipe for the filling. Here is what I did:

Roasted one Squash (cut up into pieces, lightly coated in oil, and baked until nice and tender)

Mashed up Squash - LET COOL UNTIL ROOM TEMPERATURE (or else the cheese will melt)

Added in a bunch of cheese (just plain marble, because that is what we had)

I might have added some parmasean too, because I did splurge on the fresh stuff for my homemade pasta.

Added some fresh cut up parsley and Salt and pepper until everything tasted good

Most of the recipes I read when I got the crazy idea in my head, all called for Nutmeg... But I specifically skipped that to make this less of a fall-feeling dish (since it is Spring! finally!)  But basically I just added  stuff until it all tasted great!

I rolled my pasta out to the 5 or 6 thickness on my Pasta roller, trying to make the sheets pretty wide (almost the same width as the roller)...

laid the thin sheet on the counter...

plopped some of the filling I had made earlier and spaced them evenly apart

And then fold the sheet over itself. Use some water and your finger, or a pastry brush (however you roll) to wet the pasta so the two sheets will kind of glue together, and your filling will be there in a nice little package instead of exploding into your pot of boiling water.

Lay your finished ravioli on a WELL floured cookie sheet to dry (I didn't flour my sheet enough, and the filling kept sticking, because that part of the pasta had more moisture... just keep an eye on them... you can always dust the flour off, but once they stick, they usually break open)

The ravioli were DELICIOUS! I think that next time I am going to try Lobster ravioli!!

Its a lot of work, but it is worth it for a nice change from the everyday frozen or canned Ravioli.

We were too busy stuffing this in our faces to get a prepared picture... They are probably less photogenic AFTER cooking than they were sitting in the cookie sheet

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