Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birthday Cakes

I'm only 11 days late sharing this with you, but here are my birthday cake(s) that I made this year.

The first one was a few days before my birthday, when I was just really feeling like making a cake. I needed to do some stress-baking, and so I made this:

Carrot Cake from Joy Of Baking

I went home to my parent's house for my actual birthday... And I made the actual birthday cake there. I was going back and forth on which cake to make with my mom, and We did have intentions of doing some fancy decorating, but in the end just wanted to eat it. We would have put my homemade sprinkles on it, but the bright blue, green and pink didn't really go with the taste and flavour... and the brown tint in the icing from all the Coffee. 

The sad thing, is that I only took 2 pictures of my cake... Both on Insta-gram with filters, and nothing really showing the cake. Sorry... It was just so delicious that I forgot t grab my phone to take a picture... my bad.

I ended up going with The Pioneer Woman's Coffee Cake.  I know you are reading that and telling me that coffee cake isn't for birthdays... But THIS coffee cake is just like I imagined when I first heard the term "Coffee Cake"... like the same thing you think when you hear "Chocolate cake".

I found the recipe in Ree's new book, but she also has it on her website... and in a few days I will (try to remember to...) show you my icing recipe.... But seriously, if you love coffee at all... MAKE THIS CAKE!

The only thing I changed was the icing. Which may have been an even bigger hit than the cake itself.

My Birthday was awesome, my parent's got me the pasta roller and fettuccine cutter attachments for my Kitchen Aid... so I've been making a TON of homemade pasta... I even made ravioli!!

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