Thursday, May 10, 2012

Angel Food Cake (checked off the bucket list!)

This is my cat Ali... "Helping" make the Cake

Okay, so I have always wanted to make my own angel food cake...

(that is why it is on my kitchen bucket list)

So I finally did it.

It started when my mom and I finally found THE angel food cake pan that we had been dreaming about... For $2 at Value Village!

Then finally I went home with the recipe from Joy of Baking, my mom bought a ton of eggs, and cake flour, and I brought my Kitchen Aid...

and Ta-Da! Angel Food cake!!

We had grand plans of whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top of the cake, but it was gone before we could bother whipping cream.. Seriously... Its that good, it didn't need ANYTHING

And it was pretty fun. (With the kitchen aid) I don't know if it would be as awesome without the awesome power of the kitchen aid doing most of the work.

I also got to use my mom's clear vanilla that her friend brought home from Mexico... I want some of my own now!

Sift the flour and sugar together a few times so they be come one - Flugar? Sugour? I like the first one

My Kitchen Aid does most of the work in the kitchen... I wish she would do the dishes too

Stiff Peaks... Almost time to fold in the flugar

Pretty cake batter waves!

See the foot on the cake pan right there (bottom right)... That is what makes this THE cake pan we were searching for.

Ava wanted to try some cake too

Anyway, if you have a Kitchen aid (or other, super power mixer dealy)... and a super awesome Angel food cake pan... MAKE THIS.... It isn't as daunting as you might think!.. One trick if you are a sketchy egg cracker (like me) crack one at a time into a cup, and then put all the egg whites together. This way if you are on egg #11 and you break the yolk while separating them, it won't ruin the other 10 egg whites that you just finished separating...

You are going to need a lot of eggs!

Also, make sure that there is absolutely no grease anywhere in your bowl, whisk, spatula and cake pan... I read that if you rub half a lemon on it, it will cut through any grease. I don't know if this is really true, but I did it anyway.

Head over to The Joy of Baking for the recipe, and a video that will make everything seem super-easy (because it is)

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