Monday, March 28, 2011

Cream of Broccoli Soup

If you ever go to Subway and get soup with your sandwich... and they have the Cream of Broccoli and cheese.... Get it. It is one of the best things ever... OR make your own... because that is even better!

Wash, and cut up the Broccoli... make sure to reserve about 2 handfuls that are cut into really small florets ... Also, you can use the stem, just make sure to peel the outside layer off.

With some Olive oil over High heat, saute garlic and onions until fragrant... Add in broccoli and keep stirring.. .about 2 minutes. Lower heat, add in some soup stock (Homemade is better, but use the other stuff if you want). Cover and let everything cook together. (Also, you can add in a little potato before the broccoli, it adds some thickness and another layer of flavour, but it isn't necessary).

Once everything is nice and soft, blend everything in a blender... I use my Magic Bullet, working in small batches. Make sure to add more soup stock, to help everything blend together well.

Pour the Puree into a large pot. Add some Heavy Cream, and more soup stock if you need/want to.

Add in the reserved Broccoli florets, and about a handful of fine-grated cheese. Stir , and Heat over very low heat. Make sure you stir the soup often, so nothing is sticking to the bottom... Don't add too much cheese at this point, because it gets greasy and kind of takes away from the soup... I like to add it to the top of my soup instead.

Ta-Da.... Cream of Broccoli and cheese soup

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