Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have yet to completely pull myself out of the funk I have been in lately...
So I thought that leaving the house might help

I decided to go to the pet store to get Ava a tag for her collar...with my number on it, in case she learns from Wilson the adventure of escaping.

So I go turn my car on, and dig through all the crap in there to find the snow brush

and then i start to notice that my iPod charger cord is not dangling from the glove box

and neither is the FM transmitter for my iPod...

and my glove box is open


my iPod is gone

and there are random footprints in the snow

AND MY iPOD is gone!

so I check the rest of my car... nothing else is missing

So while I'm pissed that my iPod is gone... whatever scum of the earth who took it... they left all my coffee change, my riding boots, my riding helmet, the tire inflater thingy... and pretty much everything else that actually has value over my iPod that is super scratched, only works sometimes, and has a lot of crappy music on it

its just that it was my crappy music...

and i feel so Violated

and just as crappy, if not more so, than I felt before.

with absolutely no desire to even be in my kitchen, other than the fact i have to go through it to get from outside to the bedroom

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