Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marshmallows - a bucket list item! (part 1)

Ever since I found out that you could make Marshmallows at home, from scratch, I have always wanted to try and make them myself. But they always seemed daunting with the whole candy thermometer and paying attention thing. But I have finally tackled this item on my baking bucket list! (see the link in the top right corner  of the menu... or right here! to my bucket list)

I searched for them on pintrest, google, food gawker and taste spotting. and I read tons of recipes (but mostly I just looked at the pictures). After getting all marshmallow inspired, I decided to go to The Joy of Baking and use her recipe after watching her video on how to make them... It seemed more helpful in tackling this huge marshmallow mountain I had built up in my head. So I watched her video last night, and then this morning, I bloomed the gelatin, boiled the sugar to soft ball stage and whipped the mother loving crap out of the two until It because a very very sticky cloud of marshmallow fluff.

Since I will not claim to be any kind of marshmallow expert, I am going to send you to watch Stephanie's videos and get all kinds of inspired for your marshmallow endeavours. Homemade Marshmallows at Joy of

Now the only problem is waiting to test them out... I'm only 5 hours into the waiting process... But if the taste of the dreamy marshmallow fluff that was stuck all over my fingers while making this is any indication... I may need a marshmallow intervention...  I promise to add the finished marshmallow pictures as soon as they are done curing. (is that what marshmallow's do?)

Pour into your prepared pan... Play around with editing tools in Picasa...

take a picture of the recipe and your mini blue spatula that your mom got you for Christmas too.

OH... I didn't take pictures of this step, because I was busy starting my next little project, but Once you have your fluff in the pan, and relatively level in there... dust the top with sugar (just like when you dusted the bottom of the pan).

Okay, I am having some fun and getting back into the blogging grove.  Here is the link to the recipe again: Homemade Marshmallows at   Definitely watch the video if you are a homemade marshmallow virgin like I was... It helps.


  1. I've also been psyching myself up to make homemade marshmallows! Can't wait to see your finished product... maybe it will give me the courage to finally try this. I've done the candy thermometer thing before and bloomed gelatin.... so maybe I really could get this figured! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is sooooo easy... and I never want to eat a store bought marshmallow again!!


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