Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chocolate Beet Cake

So I have been meaning to post about this cake for a very very long time...

Long enough that I have made it twice.. (It's just that good)

Joy the Baker's Chocolate Beet Cake!

The day after she posted it to her website, I went and bought beets so I could make it.

I Love beets by the way. They are so earthy. And interesting. I looked them up on Wikipedia. Did you know that Napoleon opened schools JUST to study the plant (and how to extract sugar from it). And that by 1840, five percent of the sugar in the world was from sugar beets. Crazy. Here is the Beet link on Wikipedia. Its kinda cool.

I didn't change anything, so I'm sending you to Joy for the recipe, and her beautiful pictures and wonderful instructions. One tip... Use gloves when you grate the roasted beets... Then you don't have to worry about staining your hands. We have a box of them. They boyfriend uses them when he is working on his car, and I took a bunch, fresh out of the box, for baking or cleaning, or whatever... Definitely worth it, because you can just roll them inside out when you are all done, and throw them away.

When Joy was writing about making the icing, and said "Nature's sprinkles" I thought it was so witty and funny... Then I used the same term to the boyfriend, when he asked what those strands in the icing were... Apparently, "Natures Sprinkles" to him, is like Deer or Elk poop

But please forget that I just wrote poop on a post about cake... Because it is an amazing Cake, and so so so sooooooo worth making! See my sliced cake pictures... Those could've had clean lines and been nice and pretty but I just wanted to eat the cake, so I cut it as soon as I frosted it (and it was 10 at night and dark outside)

One last thing... The best part about making this cake, was getting to use all my new kitchen toys that I had got for Christmas... the stacking cooling racks are AWESOME in a kitchen with minimal counter space! and isn't my new spatula (that I iced the cake with) awesome? I am in love with it.

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