Monday, April 23, 2012

Homemade Sprinkles!

Did you know you can make your very own sprinkles?

Because I didn't.

And If it wasn't for Pintrest, I still wouldn't know.

Coincidently, I now have a huge cramp in my right hand from pipping hundreds of tiny homemade sprinkles onto parchment paper.

I plan on using these puppies on my birthday cake. I don't know what kind of cake I am going to make yet, but It will have blue, green and pink homemade sprinkles on it. 

Coincidently, my birthday is tomorrow (which is weird to say, since I am typing this two days ago... which is even weirder to say, since It is now right now... and not two days ago, but when you read this, it will be two days ago... OK, I'm giving myself a head ache...Coincidently, I think that pipping hundreds of tiny little dots will do that to you)

I ever-so-slightly modified the recipe that is from I am Baker... Mostly it is modified because I added too much milk, then not enough vanilla, then it got too thick, and then it got too thin, so pretty much the exact same recipe, with a few modifications. This is more "sugar art" than "baking" so less science, more of a feel for what your final product will turn out to be.

So, before I get too into this, HERE is the link for i am baker's Homemade Sprinkles. I am loving her blog right now! I read it along with Pioneer Woman, Joy the Baker, and Shutterbean.

So you need:
1 cup icing sugar
1-3 tablespoons of Milk
1 table spoon of light corn syrup

put your icing sugar in a bowl, add in 1 table spoon of milk and the corn syrup. Now add in your flavouring.  This is where you need to play around. I added another half table spoon of milk and this was way too much, so I needed to add more sugar, and then more flavour.  you want your sugar mix to to be thick enough that is is going to hold its shape, but liquid enough that you will be able to pipe it through a #3 tip without clogging. Mine was a little bit thick, but I left it that way while I divided the sugar into three bowls to make three different colour sprinkles. I added my colour in, and made them bright vibrant colours of blue, green and pink. Gel food colouring is best, but if you end up using the liquid stuff, then it is going to throw off the consistency of the mixture, so you might have to add some more sugar to compensate for the extra liquid.
Once you get everything to where you want it, put it into pipping bags with a #3 tip and start pipping the little dots onto parchment paper.
*note.. my mix was a little dry after the color, so I added a small dollop of corn syrup instead of milk to help the liquid content without making it too wet again.

just pipe little dots until your hand goes numb! and Voila'  homemade sprinkles!!

I even cleaned up after myself right away! (weird)

I Can't wait to use them!!!!!  Don't the green ones look like peas? I made the pink a little too florescent, but I still love them and the blue... I think they are my most favourite of all.


  1. Those look awesome, but good lord those must have taken friggin forever to pipe!! Don't know if I'd have the patience. :D Can't wait to see your cake decorated with them & Happy Birthday!!

  2. Thanks! I ended up not using them. Bright pink, green, and blue didn't go with my coffee cake with coffee icing very well...
    They probably took an hour to make... maybe a little longer. It was good piping practice, since I was going to get my mom to teach me how to make roses with Icing.


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