Friday, April 6, 2012

Bird Nest Cookies

Hey there

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I've been here... Just not writing here... I have been neglectful of this poor little blog of mine, But it was for a good cause
So I could stop being neglectful of this little life of mine.
Sort of re-focus on what I want to do, be, say, whatever... I took a blog vacation.
But I have been baking, and cooking, and taking pictures of everything. I am back... sort of.  The blog is going to take a bit of a back seat while I figure this whole life thing out (not that anything dramatic happened, I just feel the need to re-evaluate and re group and get organized and centred again)
I will be here to write when I feel the need to, and to share lots of my newly tried recipes here, but it wont be on any schedule for now.

BUT I am back now... with Bird Nest Cookies

No-Bake Bird Nest Cookies

I needed something Easter-like in my life... and I had a craving for the "Chinese noodle cookies" that i used to make with my mom when I was about 4... AND I saw them on Pintrest....
But Here they are!

Bird Nest Cookies

3/4 cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
3/4 cup Butterscotch Chips
1 cup Peanut Butter (creamy is better, but I used Crunchy... because I couldn't find the peanut butter in the store, they are changing everything around, so the sugar is next to the gravy mixes right now, and the candy is in the produce section... AND it was packed in the store with everyone scrambling for Easter dinner supplies, so I gave up and used the crunchy peanut butter that we already had at home)
6 oz. (the small sized bag) of Chow mien Noodles
Cadbury Mini-Eggs
Note: You can add in other things too. I added a little coconut to the mix, because I love coconut.

Grease muffin tin very well with butter (to make them easier to release out of the muffin tin to enjoy)

Melt the chocolate and butterscotch chips in a double boiler (ie: a stainless steel bowl over simmering water)

Then add in the Peanut Butter and stir until everything is a big melty mess

Add in the noodles (an the coconut like me) and stir carefully until everything is well coated

Place into your greased muffin tins, pressing the middle down a little to make the nest shape.

Add the eggs into the nest (I put 3 in each nest)

Place in the fridge until hard


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  1. Looks good! I've missed you. :) Hope all is going okay and that your re-grouping is going well. Happy Easter!!


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