Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cornish Pasties

In 2007, I went a little crazy, and made a decision to find a job in England and go see a different part of the world before I had a real life and people to try and make me stay.
So In 2008, I was in England. More specifically, In Cornwall... Which is very beautiful and I definitely recommend going and checking it out if you ever get a chance.

I lived in the little village of Lerryn... actually outside of it, and I worked part time at the village pub where I met some AMAZING people, and truly witnessed the kindness of strangers... And drank a lot of Rattler (and you should to if you go there... just avoid unstable picnic tables after a few pints)

This is the part where I show you a bunch of beautiful pictures from my trip and tell you about the seagull that harassed me for my fish and chips in Looe, or the most amazing Cornish Pasty I had in Fowey (go there too! Very cool village)... But I updated my computer, and I still haven't put my pictures back on it, so they are on my external hard drive, which I forgot at my parents house last time I was there... So you'll have to google these places, or just harass me enough to put pictures up here.

Anyway... I've been a little nostalgic about England lately... My cousin is on a trip to Ireland, and a few days in London as well), and I am just a teeny bit jealous (however, she is a photographer, so you can check out her blog, She's put up some images already, and I'm sure there will be a ton more once she gets back)...
Where was I going with this???
whatever... CORNISH PASTIES!!!

I made them
They are delicious
They are as close as I have tasted to the best one ever that I had in Fowey
So I'm pretty proud

REALLY proud actually
Not enough to work on my Cornish (pirate) accent... But pretty damn proud
So you should make them too
No idea what a Cornish Pasty is? Watch this video on Youtube

(I don't want the Cornish Pasty society to get mad at me, so I guess these are Alberta Pasties)

Ingredients you will need:
Steak meat, cut into small cubes (whatever cut you want, just make your pieces kind of small)
Egg (lightly beaten)
Salt and Pepper (to season)

Make a shortcrust pastry... There is a video of Gordon Ramsey showing you how on youtube too... Here
I used the recipe Here on my first attempt, and then Ramsey's recipe in the video on my 2nd attempt
Note: I think my pastry could use a little work to get closer to the real thing. Will need to play with it a little more

So if you follow the directions in the video(s), while your pastry dough is in the Fridge resting, use that time to cut up all your meat and vegetables and get ready to roll out the dough

Roll out to about a 6-8" circle

load the meat and veggies in the middle, season with salt and pepper ( you can mix all the veg and meat together and season in a bowl if you want, but I think its easier and makes less dishes if you just load and season on the pastry circle)

add a small slice of butter on top

brush egg wash all around the outside of the circle

fold the edges together to make a semi circle (watch some videos on youtube for technique)

Make sure they are sealed and then crimp the edge

Put your pasties on a parchment lined baking sheet

brush with the egg wash

Put in a 400F oven for about 45 minutes... cut into one to make sure your meat is all cooked.

Let them cool for 10-15 minutes and then enjoy every delicious bite!


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