Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Is...

Playing on the beach with my Fam <3

Another DB Challenge done/Boyfriend's Birthday Cake

Getting Strawberries Drunk

Family Reunion... Me and my grandma <3

Playing on the beach!

FINALLY seeing a photo of my great great grandma.

Cleaning our bedroom carpet!

Cuddles with Wilson:

Lazy Sundays:

Trail Riding in the Sunshine!

Cuddles with Ava after hiking up a huge hill:

Enjoying the Tall grass in the Morning sun <3

Eating our lunch outside with our Dogs (this is Ava's friend Maya)

Afternoon Thunderstorms:

The Smell of Clover in the air

Fresh-cut rows of Hay

Suffering Through Canola Pollen Allergies (but makes a pretty picture)

Realizing how much Ava's grown in the last 6 months: (where did my puppy go?)

Completely Inspired by Tracey of

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