Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

I just chopped off my hair.

I'm kind of in shock, because I love my long hair.

However, I didn't just chop it off and throw it in the garbage... It is in a ponytail, In a bubblewrap-envelope, waiting to be Mailed.... Waiting to become part of a wig for a woman fighting Cancer.

I am making my donation in honor of both of my grandmothers.

One, is fighting a losing battle with Lung Cancer... one she won't win. (She isn't healthy enough to go through Chemo). But her strength and Optimisim through all of this, is amazing. And it inspires me every single day.

My other grandma, is a Two-Time Cancer survivor. Most recently, she beat Breast Cancer. And her wig is what helped her continue living a normal life outside of the house. When you have a wig, nobody really looks at you with sad "cancer" eyes. They look at you like you look a little pale, and maybe should get some more Vitamin D from the sun... not like you are a dead-woman walking. (and these are pretty much direct quotes from my grandma).

So my pony tail is no longer attached to my head. Its sitting in an envelope, and my neck feels naked and exposed.

So If you have 8 inches, or more of hair to spare... chop it off, and mail it to a Cancer-wig donation place.
This pony tail is going to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program (in canada)
The last time I donated a pony tail (shortly after my grandma was diagnosed with Breast Cancer), I donated to Locks of Love.

Ps... I promise to have some recipes again soon, I'm just getting my butt in gear, its been a crazy few weeks.

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