Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hiking Trip pics, and Spanikopita

Hiking.... We actually didn't end up hiking. We didn't leave the house until about 11, and it is about an hour Drive out to K-country... And It is the long weekend, so we couldn't decide on a trail that wouldn't be packed with people, and that neither of us had Hiked before... So it was more of a road trip/sit at the beach.

BUT neither of us has been to Barrier Lake, just driven by it... So we stopped, found a chill beach spot away from the masses of people and let the dogs run around and play.
Just over that rock ridge on the left side of the pic, is a little inlet, and there were tons of people set up on the beach... Nobody climbed over the ridge to this beautiful peaceful area.
Alberta Oasis is the first thing that came to our mind when we were looking at our pics when we got home last night.

Wilson got hit in the head multiple times with bugs, but he kept going back for more. Nothing like the wind blowing through your ears. (I actually have video of him getting hit in the head with Bugs)

Ava thinks Road Trips are awesome!

This is part of Mount Kidd... Its a pretty awesome mountain. If you are in Alberta, in Kananaskis, go and stare at it for a while. Its gorgeous.

I know the water looks really nice, But it is FREAKIN' cold! And both of us are used to cold water... Usually your body adjusts to it pretty quick, and it doesn't seem so cold... But it just stayed cold. So no swimming for anyone,

Here is the Wikipedia info on Barrier Lake

SPANIKOPITA (as promised)

I didn't use a specific recipe, and I didn't write down what I made, So I'm going to send you to the YouTube videos I watched to get the idea for my spanikopita. I put mint in it from my garden, and I really wish I hadn't. But that is more of a taste preference than anything. Next time I make this (and it will be soon) I will probably just stick to Spinach and Feta... stick to the KISS rule (keep it simple stupid)
However you make this, It will probably be delicious! even with the mint in it, it was amazing.

Spanikopita YouTube Video #1
Spanikopita YouTube Video #2

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