Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maple Walnut Cake follow-up

The Cake was a huge success... I brought some to work, and everyone loved it. Boyfriend LOVED it... He asked me (after finishing the last piece) if I can make more stuff like that for him.... Of course i can! I guess I've only ever really make cookies and apple crisp for him.

Anyway, to follow up on my thougths for my Maple Walnut Cake... I will definatly use a bigger pan next time, It rises A LOT... If i had used the bigger pan, then It would be more like a bar-cake... Like carrot cake at bake sales that goes right along with Naniamo bars.

I've never tried to candy anything, and I was reading my old pen-pal's blog ( and was introduced to candied lime peel. She used this website as a reference... There, i searched through the listed recipes and found this one for Candied Lemon Slices... and i REALLY want to try it now... Might be a good thing to try when I'm laid up at home after my wisdom teeth Surgury.

I think my next attempt might be Baked Alaska... I've never actually had it, But I like pound cake and Ice cream and Meringues (kind of my mom's specialty). I've been reading alot of the older Daring Baker Challenges and I think it would be fun to try (and of course delish!)

And Really can't wait to do my first Daring Baker Challenge!

Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year!!!

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