Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Roll

So a while ago, I printed off one of Joy's recipes to try... Her Chocolate Peppermint Roll with Chocolate Ganache

And as I have started to type this post, I am in the midst of the most excruciating part of trying a new recipe.. WAITING

I would consider myself a patient person... IF you are a horse... if you are human (which i am assuming you are, if you are reading this) Then you are SOL... My patience is reserved for horses... and mostly other animals... DEFINITELY not for chocolate cake that smells amazing, and the Baileys whipped cream I made for the middle of it..

So for the cake... (gluten free by the way), I didn't change a thing from Joy's recipe... 6 egg yolks beat into submission, and 6 egg whites beaten til stiff peaks form, then mixed together very carefully and baked on a large cake roll pan that has been sprayed with canola oil spray, parchment papered, sprayed again and then floured (just so the cake wont stick and you can actually roll it... Don't skip the paper... you are going to need it).

cake batter, BEFORE oven
For the filling, I made Whipped cream, as per her recipe, but without the peppermint extract. I had some Bailey's coffee liqure... a 50ml Sample that comes on other large bottles of alcohol... so I dumped that in with the cream ,and added a couple pinches of instant coffee too.

Cake with whipped cream filling... BEFORE rolling
Rather than put Ganache on top, I am going to put more coffee whipped cream.... Mostly because I am out of chocolate and almost out of whipping cream too...

I am mostly interested to see how this gluten free... no flour what-so-ever cake is going to taste... hopefully not like eggs, although that is what I am leaning towards, since It is make almost completely of eggs.  Next up on my list of Joy the Baker's recipes to try: Chocolate Beet Cake with Beet Cream Cheese Frosting
If I wasn't determined to stay in the house all day, I would be on my way to get some Beets!!! Maybe I will try this next weekend for my Parent's anniversary!

Did I tell you that Swiss Cake Roll is on my Baking/Cooking Bucket List? I am not going to check this off just yet, I want to try a regular recipe still, but I am glad to have tried this one! Thanks Joy!!

AND the results are in!
Boyfriend's reaction " Wow"... long pause "wow"... longer pause "is there more?"
Boyfriend's reaction when I told him it was gluten free: "what's gluten?"  haha,... So he couldn't really tell that there was no flour in the cake... and to be honest, once I got everything assembled, you definatly couldn't taste that the predominant ingredient was eggs... The cake on it's own, had a bit of an egg taste, but it completely mellows out after you put the whipped cream and roll it all up.
And the Bailey's Whipped Cream... delish!  But unless you are like me and don't intend on leaving the house... maybe don't eat this and then drive... Its pretty happy.
This recipe is a keeper!! Thanks again Joy!!! Can't wait for your cookbook to come out!!

Brought to you by Eggs.... and Bailey's

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  1. Mmmmmm bailey's whipped cream!! That sounds and looks delish. Thanks for sharing. :)


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