Thursday, August 18, 2011

updates... and a Sourdough bread recipe comming soon!

I promise I've been busy in the kitchen.... I just haven't been busy taking pictures. My crappy camera's lens is being super high maintenance and doesn't want to open half the time, so I gave up on it. Sorry, can't get a new one for a while, so I'll try and make due with my phone's camera, and the few times I can bother tinkering with the lens

I started a Sourdough starter last week, and every day I enthusiastically stirred and fed it, and This morning (my only day off for 2 weeks), I finally got to bake my homemade Sourdough...from Scratch.



I seriously wish I could bake that bread every time we ran out of bread. It is the best loaf of bread I have ever baked... EVER

I got a few pictures before my camera told me the freshly charged batteries in it were dead (lies... they are working just fine in my cordless mouse now)
I'll write an actual post about the bread and share the recipe with you as soon as I get a few moments to actually look at the pictures.

The bread was seriously worth all the effort put into it.... Serious... I ate half the loaf today by my self, and had to stop myself so there would be enough left for the Boyfriend when he got home from work.

I also made corned beef with fresh green beans, steamed cabbage, and some boiled potatoes... Delish. One of my favourite meals that my mom always made, whenever she found Corned Beef on sale... I understand why it is so expensive, because it is soooooooooooooo good. I'm slightly tempted to go stock up while it is on sale here.

Mostly though, we are both to tired after work to cook, so we end up getting rotisserie chickens from the grocery store... or ordering pizza.
Although, on my last weekend, I roasted 2 chickens... one with a lemon shoved into its "cavity" and some fresh sage from my garden... and the next day, I roasted the one that I soaked in brine for 24 hours... Both were delicious.

I will be back with an actual recipe again soon... pinkie swear.

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