Friday, September 21, 2012

Dog Cookies!

Mildly inspired by Joy the Baker's Cat Treats... And the dog bone cookie cutter I bought about 2 years ago... and the huge Dog Bone cookie cutter (plus recipe) that my mom bought me for Christmas or my birthday... And the fact that we had bacon drippings left from when the boyfriend made me breakfast for our Anniversary...

I made Dog cookies finally!!

I think that they were on my bucket list? YES! they were... Are?... no.. Were! (#44 on the list)
I put about 2 cups of Flour in a bowl, and about 1/2 cup of Wheat Germ and mixed them all up.
Then I took the bacon drippings (obviously, not still liquid, you want them to be like a butter... we are basically making biscuits... Dog Biscuits... duh) and mushed (speaking in very technical terms) it into the flour and wheat germ... You want to have the same kind of consistency as if you were making biscuits for yourself.
Then crack in an egg and mix it up... if that isn't enough of a binding agent... then use another egg, or some cold water.
I also grated some less-than-humanly-consumable cheese in for them... because a) Ava and Wilson both love cheese,  and b)It wasn't THAT mouldy that if I was really hungry, I wouldnt eat it myself...

Then I rolled them out, cut the dog bone shapes and then baked them for about 20 minutes give or take... The large and the small took about the same time, since I rolled the big ones out a little thinner than the small ones.

Verdict... Ava LOVED them    Wilson didn't really eat his, but he carried it everywhere for about an hour until he got bored of trying to make everyone Jelous that he had a homemade dog bone. And the Boyfriend was jelous that i made cookies for the dogs and not for him.

Ava <3
I call that successful!   And... I may or may not have been feeling guilty about the lack of posting I have been doing here... Its fall... I love fall, I should be back at this blog-ing thing in no-time!

We've been trying to catch up on some napping, instead of blogging....

Also... I want to leave you with this little clip of HOW much Ava loved the cookies... AND how good she is at understanding "Speak"  Also... I love her an insane amount (in-case you couldn't tell already)

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