Monday, June 25, 2012

My Summer Bucket List 2012

Dear Joy and Tracy

This is my (late) homework...  I am addicted to your podcast, and you never stop making me laugh.
Also you are both my blog-idols... Here is my summer bucket list...

1)Don't let all of my plants die like I did last year (this could also read - Don't trust the weather man when he says it is going to rain)

2) Make a friendship bracelet from embroidery thread - one for me, and one for my BFF when she comes to visit in August!

3) Organize my kitchen (Going to get my High Straightenence on)

4) Make an awesome cake at work - Now that I get paid to play with icing!)

5) Go Hiking with the Boyfriend and the dogs in the Mountains

6) Lay out on the grass and stare up at the starry sky next time I am at my parents house

7) Canning party with my mom (AntiPasto and Jam for sure... maybe some pickles too)

8) Make a Lemon Meringue Pie completely from scratch

9)Make a bouquet of sugar flowers for my grandma

10) Finally finish my family-tree painting

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