Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm sorry

I'm going to let you into a piece of my "crazy brain" (inspired by Joy)... at the start of every month, I make a mental resolution... something to do better... like a new years resolution, only more like a "new month resolution".   To be honest, I'm not so good at keeping these, but I like that feeling of accomplishment and grown-up-ness that I get when im doing good with my new-month resolution... However, case in point of how good I am at these: October's was "buy less coffee from Tim Hortons and make my own in the morning"... which was fine for October, but then I had a really bad stressful crap-tacular day, and left my coffee mugs in my car, and then continued to leave them in my car, and not wash them... I got a new car, and those damn coffee mugs are still in my old car... still un-washed.  But I don't think about it, until I can't do anything about it, and then I forget again. However, i think with the colder weather making it's way here, I might remember to make my own coffee again soon... and spend an extra 5 minutes in my nice warm cozy bed cuddling with my puppies (...and boyfriend).
Anyway, so I bet you are wondering why I just told you all that... all rambly and non-sensical (is that how you spell it?).... I wanted to let you know that My mini resolution for December is to be a better blogger... After I've finally got most of my real-world life situations sorted out (for now at least).  I have tons of pictures and notes of things I've made, I just havn't gotten to the point of writing that down into my blog and hitting "publish"... But I will.

Also, I sat out of the Daring Baker challenge this month, so I can finish getting my life some-what back into order... And we finally have some more staff at work, so I can stop being so exhausted from working my ass off every day.

Also... I downloaded a ton of christmas Music, and I am totally going to go bake some christmas cookies right now... EVEN if it is still only November

I will be back to post a recipe (or eight) as soon as I get my ass in gear and put hte pictures from my phone into my computer.

Happy American-Thanksgiving this week too... maybe I will start by posting my Canadian Thanksgiving pictures... From way back at the beginning of October.... oops

I will be back, I promise!!

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  1. You do that too huh? I guess I'm crazy too ;) I definitely make those mini resolutions. Like this month (right in time for Christmas goodies) - I resolved to eat better. The last couple of months I have been working on the not buying so much coffee and eating lunch out as much - I've limited myself to once a week! Yay me! And Yay you!! Looking forward to seeing some new recipes.


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