Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sorry (again)

I have been MIA... AGAIN... sorry

I have been in the kitchen though... More in the Kitchen than on the computer, which is why there is a lack of posting. I HAVE pictures and I HAVE made things with recipes to post, but finding the time to actually pots them... AND keep up with the other blog I started (which I have been MIA from also), AND working major hours, keeping the dogs and my boyfriend fed, and trying to keep up with housework (also failing at that too)
OMG. How do people do all this? I envy you if you can keep up with everything.

I will try and post later today, I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner as we speak, so I need to go check on my Pumpkin pies, and start getting the turkey in the oven...


I pinky swear i will be back a little later

PS... I got a new car!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO STOKED (so I've been driving alot also)

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