Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'll update soon!!! Pinky Swear

I feel like I havn't written anything here for weeks and weeks... Probably because I wrote the Baklava post as soon as I did the challenge, and then let it post itself on the 27th when I was allowed to share it.

I made Blueberry Explosion Muffins on Monday night... I'm working on that post, I'll hopefully finish it up after work tomorrow... Because they are amazing muffins!

We just got home from a shopping trip to Costco... $300 later we are trying to find room for everything... I will definatly have some good food to share from that...


I'm working on something... I'll share a bit about that whenever I get a chance too

It's Canada day weekend comming up and I actually have to work, but the plan is to go hiking on Saturday/Sunday. Ava's first trip to the mountains! Wilson is going to be so stoked! Prairie land doesn't really excite him like the mountains. Leach walks suck compared to hiking. I hope everyone has a great Canada Day weekend... or Independence Day/4th of July weekend if you are american... or general good weekend for anyone else.

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